The New Negress Film Society is a collective of Black women and non-binary filmmakers who create community, spaces, and films that reimagine cultural productions that have traditionally exploited our communities. We coordinate public programming and produce films committed to centering radical Black women's voices. We protect the integrity of our artistic process from the commercialization and commodification that have historically caused harm to our communities. We believe the best protection is collectivizing.
We focus primarily on works that break boundaries in film politically and artistically. Womanist in their content and experimental in form, often these are some of the most challenging for a marginalized filmmaker to create and distribute. Active for four years, the collective is steadfast in breaking those barriers presenting at institutions such as the Brooklyn Museum, Anthology Film Archives, Hammer Museum, Black Radical Imagination, Ann Arbor Film Festival, Afrikana Independent Film Festival, NY Media Center, Indiana University Cinema and the South Dallas Cultural Center.
In May 2013 Kumi James (formerly Wendy James) organized a screening called "I Am A Negress of Noteworthy Talent"  centering the work of black women filmmakers at Brooklyn Fireproof in Brooklyn, NY. This screening emerged due to her observation that the films and critical interventions made by black women filmmakers were seldom highlighted or discussed in public and private institutions. After a successful screening showcasing the works of Nevline Nnaji, Nuotama Bodomo, Ja'Tovia Gary, Kumi James, and Nikyatu Jusu, James convened the screening's participants to form the New Negress Film Society Collective in June 2013. The founding members of the collective were James, Nevline Nnaji, Nuotama Bodomo, and Ja'Tovia Gary.
The scope of our art, political thought, and process is diverse in nature. We recognize the importance of our collective strength. Core members of the NNFS hold creative space to workshop ongoing film projects, fundraise, and gain visibility for our own work. 
We regularly exhibit works by both emerging and established black women and non-binary filmmakers around the world through our website and screening events such as the Black Women's Film Conference. It is our priority to provide opportunities to highlight quality works by black women artists.
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